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Machining and molding

rotational molding method (rotomoulding)

In this method, a certain amount of plastic material, which is mainly in the form of powder, is poured into the mold, and the mold or molds are rotated by an arm or wagon around two main axes with relatively low and specific speeds inside the furnace.
As a result, the plastic material adheres to the wall of the mold by the heat of the oven and the rotational force, and in the next step, during the cooling process, its shape is fixed and it is removed from the mold.
This method is mostly known for the production of tanks, but it can also be used for the production of products such as toys, slides and other devices.
Advantages of rotational molding method:
High flexibility in designing the dimensions of parts
High color variety
Cost-effectiveness of mold making for limited productions
Suitable for small and large productions
Making products in different colors and sizes in one production cycle
Resistant to environmental conditions and 100% recyclable
Preservation of physical and chemical properties in the long term
Relatively cheap templates (compared to other methods)

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