Jabari Rotomolding

Machining and molding


In order to produce hollow plastic products, metal molds are needed, which are made through the forming process of 2 iron rods. It is separated and the desired product is removed from it.
Molds are generally made of iron or steel:
Iron mold:
Its advantages can be mentioned as its low construction and its disadvantages as its shorter life compared to other types of molds.
Stainless steel molds:
Among its advantages, it can be mentioned that it has a life of several times compared to iron molds, good heat and cold conductivity (as a result of shortening the process of heating and cooling of the mold and subsequently significantly increasing the production speed.


Jabari rotomolding molding services
1- Designing and manufacturing all kinds of molds for water tanks (horizontal and vertical) up to 30,000 liters, all kinds of tubs, under stairs, oval molds, traffic products, etc. made of steel and iron
2- Designing and making all kinds of complex molds
3- Repairing and rebuilding the used templates
4- Polishing the inner surface of the mold according to the customer's opinion
5- Making all kinds of clips (keys) of the template
6- Pantograph services (designing and making logo, standard, letterhead)
"We create whatever you imagine"
An example of manufactured products of molds that were designed and manufactured in this collection...
Jabari rotomolding machining and molding
The first rotomolding in Iran and the region
More than 30 years of experience in mold making
Making more than 5000 molds (the first manufacturer of molds with high polish (mirror) in the country
Using professional and highly experienced craftsmen, using quality materials in mold making


We guarantee the confidentiality and industrial secrecy of all projects

us Guarantee confidentiality and industrial of all projects Create whatever you imagine Use of professional and highly experienced craftsmen Using guaranteed quality materials in mold making we do.

Jabari rotomolding machining and molding, the first rotomolding molding in Iran