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Granular material mill (Polymer powder)

Pulverizer or mill is a mechanical device for grinding different types of materials and for reducing the size of particles and granular materials in the rotomolding industry and is considered one of the most important parts of manufacturing companies, which plays the role of driving the production, and this company is one of the leaders. It is one of the largest manufacturers of grinding machines in the region and offers its mills with the latest technology in different capacities and at lower prices than foreign companies.
Since the early 1970s, Jabari Machinery has been designing, manufacturing and selling systems and powder mills to produce the best plastic powders throughout Iran.

Producing the best powder for rotational molding, for masterbatch production, and for coating textiles and metals requires compliance with requirements such as apparent density, uniform particle size.

Features of the new series mills collection:
Powders with excellent quality and characteristics
High bulk density and uniform particle size
No accumulation of materials in the device compartment
Fully automatic equipped with plc

Advantages of plc:
1- Accurate control and monitoring
2- The possibility of reporting
3- Recording errors
4- It worked easily
5- Increased safety
6- Reducing the possibility of failure of engines and mechanical parts
7- Increasing efficiency
8- Reducing operator fatigue

Air and water coolers are used / no contact of powder with water / low operating temperature, low operating depreciation
High efficiency / Compatible with modern systems / Smaller size and occupying less space / Less noise and vibration
Lower electricity consumption / lower transportation cost / more accurate temperature control in the production process / from 50 to 800 kg/h capacity

our services:
_Making all kinds of grinding machines with a capacity of 50 to 800 kg per hour
 _ Reconstruction of old Iranian and foreign mills
_ Sharpening and restoration of mill blades in different sizes
_ Supply of spare parts / repair and service of machines

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Using professional and experienced staff
The use of quality materials in the manufacture and production of products

us Guarantee confidentiality and industrial of all projects Create whatever you imagine Use of professional and highly experienced craftsmen Using guaranteed quality materials in mold making we do.

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