machine building details

Types of rotomolding production lines

_ rock and roll (cradle)
_ Shuttle
_ Carousel (arm)
Construction of the first production lines in Iran
Construction of the first carousel production line in Iran
Construction of the largest carousel production line in Iran
Setting up the most rotomoulding production lines in Iran

Our services in the production line department:
Expert advice on device design safety
Design based on available space
Customization based on customer feedback
Fully automatic system with plc and touch panel
Using the best raw materials as a result of low depreciation
Ability to set rounds for each product and automatic production
Minimizing human intervention
Production process training
after sales service
Supply of spare parts and service of devices

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Using professional and experienced staff
The use of quality materials in the manufacture and production of products

us Guarantee confidentiality and industrial of all projects Create whatever you imagine Use of professional and highly experienced craftsmen Using guaranteed quality materials in mold making we do.

Jabari rotomolding machining and molding, the first rotomolding molding in Iran